Miss Skeeter And Aibileen In The Help

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The Help is a book about African American maids who work for white people in Jackson, Mississippi. Who, eventually unite and write a book based on their lives working as maids. Throughout the book, Miss Skeeter and Aibileen create a positive relationship which lets them become their best. Both individuals become their best by taking huge risks, forming a bond around writing, and being there for one another. During a time in 1960, racism was a huge problem. Being “colored” was hard because there were many laws that blacks had to follow. Meanwhile, the whites had anything and everything, while the blacks had to work to make a living for themselves. The African Americans had to work in order to provide for their families despite the way they are treated. …show more content…

Aibileen by her being black. Aibileen could possibly get beaten, her tongue pulled out, or even killed. Nevertheless Miss Skeeter risked losing her job, possibly, even killed herself. This is a positive relationship because Miss Skeeter could have blown her secret, but instead she did not. In order to protect her friend, that was the opposite race, she had to keep her secrets. Which then proves that whites can trust blacks and blacks can trust whites at the most difficult time, in which they had to endure. There is something about writing that makes this book unique. Also during the 1960s’, only whites were able to write, publish books, write ads or plain write in newspapers, or even magazines. Blacks had their own newspapers in their own part of town in Jackson, Mississippi. Despite the part of town or color of their skin, they both loved to write. It really started with Miss Skeeter. She wrote the newspaper for the Junior League, which then turned into accepting the job working for the Miss Myrna Housekeeping column. Eventually leads her to working on her book, The Help, with the

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