Mkt 421 Week 2 Assignment

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I selected the Louisville Cardinals’ to discus this week for my week two assignment. This was Louisville’s fourth conference change since 1996.Louisville join the Conference U.S.A that year and was not welcome by its other conference colleagues, because the men’s basketball team was on probation by the NCAA. The Louisville program was also apart of a 60 minutes investigation, their home football games were being played in a minor league baseball stadium and their school has some serious Title IX issues according to Murphy, B (2014, July 1). Despite all of the surrounding issues Louisville went on to become successful on the field and basketball courts, they join the Big East conference and made their brand very attractive.

Although, Louisville’s brand had become attractive, the conference they had joined was losing its appeal, due to conference realignments. The Big East lost the majority of its superb teams instantaneously. The major hit came to the Big East conference when what I consider the Big Seven in college basketball Georgetown, De Paul, Marquette, Providence, St. John’s, Seton Hall and Villanova left together, which became a major split in the conference in 2012 effective in 2013. Murphy, B. (2012,December 16) Yet, in 2012 The ACC conference was getting their tails kicked in BCS football play and on
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The whole conference realignments were mainly about business. Schools joining the most popular conferences to enhance their brand, so they could recruit better players. Yet, they win more games, and receive better T.V deals. The T.V exposure brings a lot more exposure to their Universities that will also benefit through student enrollment. If college sports were not a business, Louisville would have stayed right in the Big East and the ACC would have been content with their top football teams in their conference leaving and finding another

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