“Mobile Phone Ownership Has Exploded Globally but Still Displays Core and Periphery Characteristics”. Discuss to What Extent Do You Agree with This Statement with Reference to 2 Case Study.

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Mobile phone has been a daily necessity towards every human in almost every age group. Mobile phones nowadays are capable of so many things compared to the first ever mobile phone that was created in 1970s that looked like a brick with an antenna. As the title suggest, mobile phone ownership has exploded globally. This could be confirmed as the use of mobile phones are expanding to not only MEDC like the U.S., but also the LEDCs like Kenya. Even though the use of phone has exploded, but the usage of mobile phones in the two countries mentioned are different, which also made The US a periphery and Kenya as a core in terms of the mobile phone usage. The use of mobile phones in America is very wide as 90% of them owns a mobile phone and …show more content…

Kenya has 80% of mobile phone ownership. In contrast of their poor country status, Kenya had been using the simplest mobile phone to create solutions to bring them out of poverty. For example, the creation of an E-Pay (electronic payment) in Kenya called the E-Pesa, had increased the amount of kenyans paying and receiving money through a mobile phone. This application works on every type of phone from the normal Nokia 3310 to the latest iPhone as this application works by SMS. Besides that, the otehr innovative ideas that had been thought up that changed the lives of Kenyans is the iCow and . iCow shows tells the status of the cow that farmers have. iCow is capable of telling how to breed a cow, how to maximise dairy yield and also tell the farmers if the cow is not healthy. This had help Kenyans to produce more milk than they did before and had help them climb out of poverty. Both of these applications also work by using the SMS and its available for every mobile phones. In conclusion, core and periphery status of these two countries are ‘flipped’ in terms of mobile phone use as the Americans could only sit and update their social media status and relax. Meanwhile in Kenya, they had to be innovative in order to survive. Therefore they had created a lot of things that could help them climb out of poverty. In this case, Kenya is the core and the US is the periphery because of the innovative ideas that was created by

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