Mobile Phones And Its Effects On The World

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A mobile phone is essentially just a complex readio. In the 1900’s the mobile phone arrived first in America, meaning that communication was no longer limited to payphones, homes or offices. Brief History ( Note: Mobile phones were introduced to America before Australia hence a lot of the history is base in the US as that is where it began) 1865 Dr. Mahlon Loomis ( A scientist) develops a way of communicating through the earth’s atmosphere by using an electrical conductor. The process consisted of flying two kites (with a lot of wires and copper screens) which were connected to the ground of two separate mountains more than 10km apart. 1921 The Police Department in Michigan installed mobile radios in some of their work cars in order to contact one another. However there are many problems such as interference and overcrowding on the channels 1934 Radio is still young and the U.S. Congress decide who uses certain radio frequencies. Most channels are for use of emergency departments and the government. 1945 In Mississippi the first (mobile) radio-telephone service is created. The system comprises of 6 separate channels however there is huge amounts of interference and because of this, the equipment barely works. 1971 Dividing cities into “cells” in order to use mobile phones is put forward by a mobile phone company 1973 Dr. Martin Cooper, while working for Motorola, invents the first ‘mobile phone’. This credits him with being the first person to make a call on a

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