How Technology Has Improved With Better Mobility And More Functions

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As the technology developed and matured, hand-held devices have been significantly improved with better mobility and more functions: when I was young, my father used to have a mobile cell phone which was very heavy – its weight was over 1 lb., which was at least three times heavier than the newest iPhone. Also, besides the basic phone-calling function, many new communication applications – text messaging, social networks including Facebook and Instagram, and online video chat tools like Skype – are integrated with the mobile devices. From using a simple handy-phone to a well-functioned smart phone, my communication style had also changed a lot. The first hand-held mobile device for communication is a personal handy-phone which is named “Xiao Ling Tong” in China. I received that in 2008 when I was in middle school. The device itself looks like a mini mobile phone, but its functions were limited to phone-calling, text messaging and some simple games. Also, it did not have an individual phone number – it was connected with the fixed-line telephone and they share the same phone number. At that time, the way I was using my handy-phone was to contact my parents through phone-calling when I went out. I did not use that to communicate with my friends or classmates frequently as most of them did not own mobile devices. However, it was not as convenient as a true smart phone: it did not have roaming service, which meant that it could only be used locally. In 2010, I went to
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