Mobile Phones Has Changed Our Life

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Introduction: If someone ask me what will you must take when you go out?My answer is wallet, keys and mobile phone. I think everyone will make the same answer as me. Mobile phone that you could not live without it. In modern life, smartphone has become necessities of life. Technology is process faster and faster, and we can find the new technology in every updated mobile phones. In the past, mobile phone was used only to make a phone call, and not everyone can afford the phone because it was very expensive, big and heavy; however, with the development of technology, mobile phones has changed. You can use mobile phone to do too much things, such as shopping, photograph, book hotel, play game, search information and so on. Maybe people never imaged the phone can do these things in the past. Technology has made a lot of surprise to us. Think about it, how smartphone will change in the next ten years. In my mind, The smartphone could do anything by then, and maybe you only need to take a phone when you go out. The form of smartphone could be changed to smaller or disappeared. In part two of my project, I will discuss the history of smartphone from past to the future, and discover the benefit of new technology to using in our life. I am really looking forward the smartphone in the future. IT topic:How will smartphone change in the future? Technology is changing so fast in modern life, and it brings too much benefit to us. What is technology? In my own words, technology
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