How Cell Phone have Impacted the World

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Cell Phones Throughout all of history expectant mothers always wanted to have a way to announce to others the gender of their child, and now they can. Mothers can now show the gender of their children easier with the use of their cell phone; they just take a picture and send it in an instant. Cell phones were first invented by Dr. Martin Cooper, who worked for the Company Motorola (Oak) Cell phones have made an impact on many things including society, culture and a multitude of other areas such as fashion. The significance cell phones have made in the U.S. has endless tasks it can help people do. Cell phones have allowed everyone to have communication wherever they go. Special pant pockets and compartments for bags were made in the mid-nineties designed for a place to put a cell phone (The History of the Mobile Phone). Fashion isn’t the only thing that cell phones have changed; it affected commercials, movies and music. Commercials and movies have been changed because as time has gone on, more and more people have, or are interested in having a cell phone, so the cell phones show up in more and more movie and commercials (The History of the Mobile Phone). The face of music has been changed because now cell phones allow anyone to download music from anywhere instead of having to buy music at a store (The History of the Mobile Phone). Interactions from the crowds at concerts are different because instead of the crowds using lighters, now people can just pull out their

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