Mobile Phones Has Changed The Way Of Communications

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Imagine a day in 1800 when someone would have said that we can talk to people miles away we can see them over a device people would have mocked the person saying the person might have gone insane. But see a scenario in today’s world its quite common to people to not only talk but also see a person over mobile phone, no matter how far he is away. Mobile phone is a boon in itself. Mobile phones have really changed the way of communications. In recent years mobile phones have evolved significantly. While the very first cellular phones only provided functionality for conducting phone calls, nowadays provide a rich variety of functionalities. Additional hardware capabilities like new sensors (e.g. for location) and touch screens as new input…show more content…
Mobile has become a connecting hub for critical masses of everyday life either shopping or else searches for information, and management of the latest happenings and news, on both a personal and global level. Unlike any other device before it, the mobile phone travels everywhere with its owner—from bedside table to workplace to errands and home again. Toni Ahonen, a commentator and author on new and social media, has called the mobile phone the “7th Mass Media.” He notes, “Differing from the internet, mobile as the 7th mass media channel is similar to the five legacy mass media, economically viable with a stable business model from day one. Yet, differing from the legacy mass media, all of which are witnessing a decline in their audiences and revenues, mobile like the internet, is an interactive media enabling it to fully capitalize on social networking and digital communities.” He points out that the convergence of mobiles combining voice, text, video, audio, geo-location, and a host of applications, pose “similar to the introduction of the Internet before it, an "inherent threat" mass media channel. Today the mobile phone can replicate everything that all previous six mass media can do. So from an abilities point-of-view, mobile phones can be at least as disruptive as the Internet has been so far.” phones has emerged as a powerful form of citizen journalism only in the last few years. While there are many titles for this new form of
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