Mobile Technology Affecting Teens

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Mobile technology has become an integrated part of people's lives. It has enabled us to do multiple innovative tasks that we couldn't have done before, such as messaging people, creating presentations and documents, and watching that hilarious video your friend posted on Facebook, all on the go. Mobile technology is even being used in the business world to do work from anywhere. There are multiple reasons why mobile technology is important and affects people in a positive way. However, mobile technology can also have a negative effect on people, specifically teenagers. Mobile technology is affecting teenagers today negatively through the use of cell phones while driving and the behaviors that mobile technology can inflict upon teenagers.…show more content…
Have you ever felt like you constantly needed to be connected with the outside world? This could mean that you are addicted to your phone or tablet. Now, you might say "No way! I'm not addicted whatsoever!" Unfortunately, it's true that you are addicted to your phone. Phone addiction is something that we can relate to, in which we constantly want to keep in check of what's going on in the outside world and on social media. Unfortunately, it causes us to develop bad habits and character traits, such as being sneaky or disobedient. I've had personal experience with this in which I can't stay away from it. Sometimes, we can experience this, but could not admit or realize that we are addicted to our smartphones. A year-long research study was conducted by Rice University on college students to see what behaviors would be displayed and their usage of phones. The study showed that of 34 participants, 21 of them had admitted that they were addicted to their smartphones, and the remaining 13, although still having a considerably large usage of their phone, did not admit that they were addicted to their cell phones or disagreed with the fact that they were addicted (Tossell, Kortum, Shepard, Rahmati, and Zhong 38). Can you believe that? We have all become so attached to our cell phones that we can't admit or realize that we use our phones too much! It's also inflicting other behaviors, like feeling that we can't live without our phones, being anxious when the battery percentage lowers, and even spending way too much time on our devices than we intend to. It affects our behavior in a vast amount of ways that make us seem less responsible and change who we really are, as well as in other people's
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