Moby Dick Reflection

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Last weekend, specifically, on Saturday November 18, 2017 I received the opportunity to attend a Moby Dick reading at Venice beach. For this reading I chose to read the chapter Ramadan for several reasons with a group of my friends. Initially during the summer, when we first had to read this novel this chapter was by far one of my favorites because it depicts the humor author Herman Melville instilled in his work. Additionally, this chapter involved a wide range of events emotions felt by the narrator and thus transferred to the reader. Due to the wide range of emotions within the chapter my group and I wanted to truly emphasis the panic felt by Ishmael when he notices Queequeg concealed behind the closed door. From the panic felt by Ishmael to the eccentric nature of Mrs.Hussey we aspired to capture it all through our voices. When I first arrived at Venice a rush of gusty wind filled the air and the smell of the salty ocean encompassed my lungs. As I began my trek towards the Moby Dick reading I saw a large congregation of other Oak Park students, I could recognize due to their Oak Park High School clothing. Upon arrival, I instantly heard the harsh waves crashing against the soft sand, leaving a virtually untouched path of sand after their arrival. This process of purifying the sand reminded me of the purity embodied by Ishmael during the start of the novel. Since I arrived early Saturday morning, a multitude of people were constantly arriving to see what was going

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