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You were absolutely astounded that the seven crazy inventive products in our part one article actually made their inventors rich, but part two is even worse! We have found the top five dumbest inventions that have been created, that turned out to make millions of dollars. Keep on reading, you are sure to be amazed! Number Five: Koosh Ball This small toy is incredibly simple in concept, but turned out to make big money. The Koosh Ball was invented after one creative man tied up a bunch of rubber bands to make a smaller ball with a lighter impact for his children. When he saw how well his idea panned out, he decided to create a whole new toy in itself. The patented ball is simply hundreds of rubber strings protruding from a rubber core. It …show more content…

While the business of ruining marriages is quite disgusting, it also turned out to be very profitable. It became so popular, that it reached as many as 3.2 million members. Number Two: Mood Ring The mood ring was a trendy fashion statement that characterized the 1970s. Two inventors combined their knowledge to present the technology for this wonder, and we can tell you how they work. Simply enough, the accessories are just liquid crystals mixed with quartz stones. While the materials do interact with body heat to produce changing colors, it is a myth that they can actually read your mood. Number One: The Inventive Billy Bob Teeth Billy Bob Teeth are a set of plastic teeth primarily used to trick observers into thinking that your teeth really are as messed up as they seem. Despite the unrealistic appearance and singular purpose of comical relief, the invention has remained popular over the years, and is still bringing smiles to the faces of children and adults alike. We hope you enjoyed our ranking of the top 10 dumbest inventions that made way too much

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