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Although art therapy is a new practice in psychotherapy, art has always been a form of communication since the beginning of the human history. Evidence is found from the finding 40,000 years ago during the Aurignacian period, on a cave painting found in EL Castillo Cave, Cantabria Spain. Since then, art had become an instrument for self-expression and symbolism. However, it was not until the 1940’s that the therapeutic use of art was then define and develop into a distinct discipline. Though this discipline had only arose independently in America and Europe. Andrew Hill was the first person to refer the therapeutic application of art as therapy in England.

The question of “Is Art Therapeutic?” came into my mind after reading the book “Art as Therapy” by Alain De Botton. Alain suggested that every piece of art has a purpose, and he had classified the artwork in to seven categories by their purpose to the audience: Remembering, Hope, Sorrow, Rebalancing, Growth and Appreciation. Whilst taking this in mind, I questioned about if the existence in art therapy under psychotherapy that “Is Art Therapeutic?” Thus, with the recent trend in adult coloring book had brought my attention in questioning “Why are adult coloring book so popular?” “Do they really de-stress you?” “If so, why? How?” which initially I started to research into art therapy and the aspect of questioning “Is Art therapeutic?”

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To me I always wonder about the effect of art being

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