Models are Dying To Be Skinny

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We are always surrounded by ads and magazines showing extremely thin models, and are always getting shown dieting ads. A big problem in our society is everyone being so concerned with their weight and always striving to be thinner. A big question for our society, is whether or not models have a minimum weigh limit. Also, would a model’s weight affect our society at all if there became a minimum weight limit that models have to be ? According to health care communications , one study showed that sixty nine percent of girls in 5th through 12th grade has said that magazine images have influenced their idea of a perfect body shape. Out of these girls, forty seven percent were influenced to lose weight to obtain the perfect body image that they saw in the magazine images. Although losing weight could be a good thing if you’re unhealthily overweight, the study showed that only twenty nine percent of the girls that were influenced to lose weight were actually overweight. This same study showed that 4 out of 5 women are not satisfied with their own appearance. According to the Huffington Post , many models images show up on “Pro-Ana” websites. “Pro-Ana” websites are websites that encourage people to have eating disorders in order to become skinny. These websites use the pictures of the very thin models as “thinspo,” or “thinspiration,” which means inspiration to be thin. The people that are visiting these websites desire to look like these models and become as thin as them by
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