Modern Day Dental Technology And Treatment

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Michelle Lieblick
Mrs. Powell
English IV
13 April 2017
Dental Technologies Modern day dental technology and treatment have come a long way. Dental health care has improved even though it can be expensive. Today a variety of different dental work is available. People visit the dentist for cosmetic purposes as well as practical matters. Many dental improvements have been made to equipment. These advances have lowered the risk of pain for patients during many dental procedures. Certainly tooth decay and loss has been causing problems from the beginning of time. Since eating is clearly necessary to survive it is amazing how long it took for someone to invent false teeth. False teeth were developed near seven hundred B.C.E. in …show more content…

Some even had wiring that extended beyond the mouth and made the patient feel self-conscious. Now in the twentieth century braces have made many accomplishments and are no longer made like that. They are now made from high-tech plastics and metals, which some NASA have developed. The wires are no longer thick and clumsy they are more flexible and are activated by body heat. They are also more comfortable to wear now and also work better than the eighteenth century ones, and are no longer as ugly. You can now get your braces in fashionable bold, bright colors and the time you have to leave them on is cut shorter (27). Now between the years from the past to two thousand and seventeen the improvement of tools have come a long way. We now have VELscope, digital x-rays, invisalign, laser dentistry, dental implants, HealOzone, DIAGNOdent, intraoral camera, Zoom! Whitening--Zoom!, and nitrous oxide and iv sedation. The VELscope is a special type of light that helps the dentist detect any abnormalities, and also helps detect early forms of cancer or disease during a screening. Digital x-rays contain less radiation now and can be on a computer screen only seconds after doing the x-ray, and since it is on the computer screen you can zoom in on the picture. Invisalign are new forms of like braces. We use invisalign to straighten our teeth just like braces do, but these are clear and without the inconvenience of the heavy metal braces. Along with the

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