Modern Day Lessons from Daedalus and Icarus

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The most well known story of children not listening to their parents and regretting of all time could only be Daedalus and Icarus. Though it does have many other topics and messages as well, and much can be learned from it. In this paper, I will show you five different messages, and in doing so also tell you ten other concepts shown from this myth that we all should learn from. One such message would have to be control your excitement. Icarus not controlling his excitement and flying too high is one example, but in real life there is people who for example get a new video game. They want to play it so badly, they play the video game instead of doing something that needs to be done like homework for a teen, or going to work for an adult. Then the teen will get a bad grade, and the adult will get in trouble at work. I’m not saying that no one should get new things like a video game, but we must learn to control the excitement, and then instead only play for a little while instead of being too caught up in the excitement. Another reason that we should learn to control our excitement is if you are ever in charge of kids (like parents, babysitting, teaching, or coaching) you won’t be looking at the big picture, and will not only be a bad role model for the kids, but also not help them if you are teaching, coaching, or helping them in any way. One such way to control your excitement is the same way you control your anger, since they are almost opposites it could work for both,
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