Modern Heroism In Beowulf

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True heroism is in the eyes of the beholder. Heroism may conform to a basic set of rules and guidelines that fall into the categories of modern heroes and classical heroes, however the audience will always be the judge of whether or not the character displays heroism. These two categories of heroism set the outline the basic definitions that we use to identify whether or not someone is a hero. Heroes represent societies ideals, and then break off into the categories of classical, who usually have supernatural powers and always accomplish their goals, and the modern hero, who doesn’t necessarily accomplish their task but is a more well rounded character overall. With all of the varying aspects that can make someone a hero, we have managed to give many the title. Heroism comes in many different forms. This is strongly displayed in the difference between modern …show more content…

This is one of those basic ideas that are very similar in between the two types of heroes. Beowulf had heard that there were men being slain in their beds by a despicable monster that was a descendant of Cain. This caused him to leap into action, saving the men of Hrothgar’s court. Beowulf had the motivation of his fellow warriors dying to move him into action and his willpower to protect others is one of the characteristics that identify him as a general hero. In the case of Bernadette Devlin McAlisky, she was born into a country that had consistently had a problem with England, since the British started controlling it a few centuries ago. This turmoil made it difficult for all of those that lived in Northern Ireland, and mainly led to people picking up arms. However, Bernadette decided that her wisest option would be, to be elected as MP so she could represent her country in Parliament. Motivation is a key component for any

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