Modern Media And Technology Conditions The Public Mind

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More than ever before, technology has infused itself into our everyday life and tasks. As our dominant mean of obtaining any information possible at any time you desire, it is an irrefutable fact that modern media and technology conditions the public mind. How it does so, is not so obvious. Today’s media affects everyone, individually and as a general populace. Individually, medias such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. change our perception of reality by presenting us versions of people that are made to seem beyond the norm in some way; outrageously beautiful, unique,talented, etc.on a regular basis. These repeated ideals of what the norm should be or what should be desired creates a warped perception of reality.(Enzenberg 117) However, these ideals are often created with the assistance of modern technical tools ;i.e autotune, photoshopping, filtering,etc. Realistically speaking, often people are not the person they portray, as a result, we as a people have created ‘digital identities’, a term coined by Ethan Cross while researching BFAS.As defined by Dr.Cross , a ‘digital identity’ is essentially the permanent information about yourself and personal life online that people view, thus we may disregard truth in the matter.(293) When allowing any aspect of your life to be online, you’ve revealed intimate details about yourself to numerous people who will form an opinion or comment and express them in response to this.This is the very being of social media; where…
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