Essay about Modern Photograph and Realism

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In 1979 Stephen Shore, "Merced River, Yosemite National Park,” 1930 Walker Evans, "Factory street in Amsterdam, New York,” and in 1941 Dorothea Lange, "Road on the Great White Plains,” these three photographers transformed their landscape photographs into their own distinctive significance through the expression of realism, a movement in modern photography. Shore transforms a common place to an escape, Evans documents the effects of one of the most important historical periods in American social history and Lange uses her photography as a tool for political change. Although they all embodied their photograph with their own significance, they don't share the same motives. In 1979 Stephen Shore's coolly detailed photograph, "Merced River, …show more content…

This image almost looks like an alley. Due to the wet glossy floors you can tell it was previously raining. The first thing to catch your attention is the long road receding infinitely, leading your eyes from the foreground to the background creating maximum depth of field like in Shore's photo. Instead of trees fading into mountains we see buildings fading into trees. Evans captures the differing building types. However, there is a repetition in windows. The stone building echoes the stone road. The power lines seem to unite the two sides of the streets together. The third building to the left is half black and half white, which creates strong contrast. The building creates a subtle shadow on each side of the stone road leaving the middle of the road highlighted by diffused sun light. The background also creates contrast as the dark trees overlap the light sky. Unlike Stephen Shore's use of color to project happiness, love, and freedom, Evan's photo is black and white, projecting loneliness, emptiness, and hopelessness. Do to the absence of human presence; this quiet image signifies solitude and abandonment. It is evident that most of these buildings are factories. However, if there are no signs of workers, the photo signifies that something so bad happened here that everyone fled and abandoned the place. With this photo, Evans does not try to persuade a point of view; instead he documents the truth, representing social realism. An artistic movement in modern

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