Essay on Modern Politics in Giorgio Agamben´s State of Exception

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If Giorgio Agamben’s concept of nudity is accurately understood as the opposite of concealment, or the removal of a veil, then his work Nudities also shows us the truth about inoperativity. This philosophy is less concerned with laziness or sloth within humanity than with the continuation of human actions in the politics of the future. Modern politics are vastly concerned with the lives of people everywhere. Not just their state of living, but their ways of living. Privacy is drastically changing in a world where a sovereign power can decide one’s fate through the use of an exceptional scenario that bypasses the rights of citizens and the laws meant to uphold these rights. Agamben’s political outlook is concerned with the way in which this…show more content…
The events following the 9/11 attacks seem to support this stance in that the President declared war with little evidence that through war there would be any immediate benefit to the country. Many believed that by going to war there could be redemption, and through the state of exception both state officials and the citizens allowed it.
In the past an imminent threat, such as nuclear war or terrorism, made the exception crucial, but in modern society there are attempts to include the exception within the law itself. Agamben understands that there is a “space without law” (SoE 50) and thus the state of exception lacks the law. He thinks about the law in a way that separates it from what is held by authority normally and stations it in a new place, a new stage where it becomes the law while remaining a distinctive. The state of exception needs to reach a point where it can hold together the two aspects, law and life, and create a limit between them. Agamben suggests that an alternative is to show the artificiality and violence within the current system where law and life are bound ambiguously, and to a point where the exception extends and overarching negative influence. Agamben argues that this development would lead toward political action towards distinct means.
In Agamben’s writing Homo Sacer, he touches upon the concept of sovereign power and further divulges his
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