Modern Technology

965 Words4 Pages - Every rose has its thorn. The same instrument used to make incisions necessary for surgery can also be used to stab someone to death. While the instrument is neutral, the way it is utilized determines whether it facilitates life or death. So it is with modern technology. The purpose of technology should be reserved for the advancement of civilization. Technology should help us accomplish life 's tasks faster; with less error and greater accuracy. In most cases it serves its purpose. For instance, when researching a cure for a disease like cancer the internet is a great tool. However, this same tool makes pornographic material more available than ever. At the end of the day, the technology will help you do what you want to…show more content…
We must begin to use technology as a vehicle or it will become a vice. It must be used as a vehicle to facilitate and actualize ideas and concepts. We must use it as a platform to educate, inform, organize and mobilize the masses of our people. The technology itself is neither positive nor negative; it is neutral. However it can be employed for positive or negative purposes, depending on who is using it. The way you use technology is an extension of who you are and how you think. Therefore, self-improvement leads to a more productive use of technology. Don 't spend so much time on FACEBOOK that you neglect to put your FACE in a BOOK. There is no technology like the human mind. It 's a lot smarter than a smart phone. Invest in your mind. The returns are limitless. Stop totally depending on gadgets to do your thinking for you. Don 't allow yourself to lose sight of the importance of the human bond. Stop texting your grandmother. Get up, go over and visit her. Don 't let technology make you lazy. In the Nation of Islam we are given the lesson of the “Lion in a Cage.” The Lion is to use Modern Equipment to help him get out of this cage. I contend that the same modern equipment that can be used to get the Lion out of this cage can be used to keep him in it. You are the Lion. How will you use today 's modern technology? It is a question that must be answered in the
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