Modernism Movement : High And Low Modernism

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In this melting pot of diverse cultures, various forms of art and design had been constituted by the influences of the preceding movements, revolutions, eras and a variety of history events. Human technologies and industrializations are one of the key factors that pushed the society one step forward to every new milestone. However, how did the historic background and social circumstances provoke the artists and designers with inspirations of new ideas and philosophy towards art and design? How did the movements influence each other and which one of them was more influential? An evident answer to these questions is through the exploration of Modernism movement: High and Low Modernism. World War I not only stimulated rapid advances in human technologies but also aroused new radical approaches to the political, industrial and social world. As consequences to these approaches, the ideology for “history and tradition” had been crucially challenged. Modernism is a movement with collections for activities and creations that explicitly rejecting the existed “traditional” thinkings of society, architecture, literature and art which modernists considered as obsolete in an emerging economical and industrial environment (Modernism, Wikipedia, n.d). In the terror of the devastating war, many modernists held an ideological desire towards the Utopian society. Modernists envisioned a revolutionary Utopian ideology, that upheld an aspiring philosophy of establishing new society that is
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