Moisturisers And Uv Protection Essay

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Moisturisers and UV Protection

Essay 2

Raquel Ferreira


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1. Introduction 3
2. Skin and Ultraviolet Light 4
3. UVA and UVB protection 7
3.1. Types of ageing 7
3.2. Ultraviolet radiation and exposure 8
4. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 11
5. Suncare Formulation 15
5.1. Method of Manufacturing 16
6. Suncare Ingredients 17
6.1 Day Cream Formulation SPF30 19
7. Stability and Performance Tests 21
7.1. Moisturisation 21
7.2. SPF Measurement 22
7.2.1 SPF in Vivo 22
7.2.2. SPF in vitro 25
8. Conclusion 28
9. References 29

1. Introduction

There have been significant changes in moisturisers over recent years and ones that have SPF claims are proving to be very popular (figure 1) due to the great increase of skin cancers cases that have been observed worldwide in fair-skinned populations since the early 1970s. This is strongly linked with personal behaviour in regards to sun exposure and its ultraviolet (UV) component, and also to do with society’s views that tanning is attractive and healthy (1).
When sunlight goes through the atmosphere, all UVC and approximately 90% of UVB radiation is absorbed by the ozone layer, water vapour, carbon dioxide and oxygen. UVA radiation is less affected by the atmosphere; consequently, the UV radiation reaching the Earth’s surface is mainly composed of UVA and a small UVB (2).
This essay will look into why sun protection is required and the ingredients effective for that purpose with a formulation

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