Mondelez International's Product Analysis

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Mondelez International Inc. is a global snacking powerhouse with 2012 revenue of $35billion. ("Mondelez international reports," 2013) Mondelez International Inc. is selling its products in 165 countries, and it is a leader in the world in selling candy, coffee, chocolate, biscuits, etc, with brands such as Milka Chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury, LU, Jacobs coffee, Oreo biscuits and Nabisco, Trident Gum and Tang. ("Mondelez international reports," 2013) In the second quarter of 2013, Net Revenues were $8.6billions (increased by 0.8%). ("Mondelez international reports," 2013) Organic Net Revenues increased by 3.8%, they were leaded by strong/ volume mix of 3.6% points as well as favorable pricing of 0.2% points. ("Mondelez…show more content…
The most important ingredient of the chocolate is Alpine milk. This is the biggest difference between milka and other chocolate. The biggest competitor for Mendelez International Inc. is Nestle. Nestle is the leading company in the world in areas as wellness, health and nutrition. ("About nestle," 2013) Their mission is “Good Food, Good Life”, and they want to provide to customers with wide variety of tasting, beverages, , nutrition choices, etc. ("About nestle," 2013) Nestle has a lot of brands such as Kit Kat, Maggi, Nescafe, Herta, Ice Cream Nestle, etc. In the first half of 2013 Nestle Sales increased by 5.3%, and organic growth was 4.1%. ("Half yearly report," 2013) Nestlé’s net profit was up to 3.7%, and earnings per share were up 7.2%. ("Half yearly report," 2013) On the other hand, the main competitors for Milka chocolate bar are Ferrero, Lindt, Nestle chocolate and Mars Chocolate. ("Fierce Competition In," 2013) However, none of the competitors do have very good promotions. Moreover, Milka chocolate is the brand which pays attention on “active life”, they are “light” products, and this is the main difference between Milka and its competitors. It puts the accent on healthy and pure ingredients, which makes it different from its competitors. The thing about Milka is that it does not

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