Monera Research Paper

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Monera is a very important life kingdom. It is the kingdom that the things that involve it only have one cell. The kingdom is based off of Bacteria. Monera has a only slight connection with other kingdoms, but life is still involved with it. This kingdom is very important to the way we live. The kingdom has many important things to explain and learn about.
Overview of the Kingdom:
Monera is a very interesting and complex kingdom. As you know from the introduction the kingdom is based off of bacteria. Bacteria has been on Earth since Earth began. This means it dates back to when the Earth started. This could means it is hundreds of millions of years old. That means that the kingdom by itself has to be that long ago. This means it is one of the oldest kingdoms on Earth. The kingdom is special is many ways. One of them is it helps the other …show more content…

It eats and drink the water and gets rid of some hydrogen. This helps us, because sometimes hydrogen is bad. This helps the earth and living things. The weather does not really impact Monera. Monera is able to survive anywhere. Therefor weather and Monera have nothing to do with each other. This leads to no problems with Monera. Monera is important to the earth and life.
Monera is very important. The differences of Monera than other kingdoms is Monera has only one cell and no nucleus. This is different because most kingdoms have more than one cell and has nucleus. Nucleus is in almost every kingdom. Some similarities is they all have living things in their kingdoms. Other similarities is most of the kingdoms can be found anywhere like Monera and they all are very important to our Earth. They all are part of our world . Monera is an important part in our world. It is a great and wonderful kingdom.

Kingdom of Life: Monera

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