Money And The Meaning Of Life Essay

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Understanding Money and the Meaning of Life
Happiness is something that every person seeks, we all want to be satisfied. Sometimes people can not find happiness in their lives so they seek other ways to get it, they start trying to buy their own happiness. Buying your own happiness may seem good at first, until you can no longer fill the void and you just keep buying more and more. They eventually bury themselves into a hole they can not get out of. What needs to be understood is that no matter how much money you make or can get, you should be satisfied with yourself if you work hard and have a good life because it could easily be taken away.
Once you have a taste of what it is like to have more money than you need, you start to want more and more. You start to care less about others and only worry about what you can do for yourself. Once you let money take control you start to lose the people you love and care for. You could even possibly lose everything you have worked for by putting it on the line just to gain more money. Like Jacob Needleman said in his book, Money and the Meaning of Life, “It has a power to bring people together as well as tear them apart. You can’t escape money. If you run from it, it will chase you and catch you.” (Needleman, Money and the Meaning of Life.)

Some people think that money is the solution to all their problems, they believe that as long they have money they have power and happiness. A question you might would ask is, “how much money is
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