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Money For The Future Many say that education is a right, not a privilege. Others may argue that education, especially higher education like college, is a privilege. Everyone is entitled to an education, but what is holding a lot of students back is their financial situation. The cost of college education is getting out of hand; its prices are alarming, leaving students with little ways to pay for it, in the dust. The unfortunate reality of students dealing with debt is a fear-mongering tactic used so that students sike themselves out and never attend college. This harsh reality applies to many students who have to pay for their college expenses out of pocket, unlike the lucky few who attend accredited four-year colleges with the money of their financially stable parents. According to the essay Is College Tuition a Sound Investment, college is not only time consuming, but expensive. Its prices are rising higher and higher every single year, costing students roughly 15,000 dollars a year for tuition and room and board. Some say that these prices are priced fairly and by doing so it creates competition between colleges around the nation to attract students to the commodities that these colleges offer. Though expensive, there is always financial aid and scholarships available to anyone who needs it. The author states that some colleges are expensive because of the different luxuries they offer which includes the high quality of education provided, which is inevitably
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