Monitoring At First As The Sight Of The Sofa

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Thursday, June 12th, 3041
The monitor crackled at first as the screen became brighter and brighter. The signal is fuzzy and the sound was down low. I reach for the remote and scan through the channels. It only takes me a couple of seconds to find the broadcast. I turn up the volume and sit down on the edge of the sofa.
The broadcaster’s voice was deep and booming as he announced what today’s events were to be. On the screen was a vast green field surrounded by thousands of people being forcefully held back by the big black barricades. Some were holding up signs above their heads whilst others were flailing their hands in order to get attention from the guards standing at the edge of the field. The field itself had been kept clear except …show more content…

Sadly, a hierarchy has been formed because of these dates, those with a long time to live essentially “ruling” the rest of us. If you are going to make it past the age of 55 you are automatically assigned a council seat and from there you can work your way up to being part of the government. Our dates are similar to that of societal classes. Lower class is those who are going to die young – who live in fear until they are no longer living. Middle class is made up of people who will live as long as their early fifties. Then there is upper class. Upper class is for the lucky ones; who don’t live in fear, who are treated with the utmost respect and who don’t die young.
My monitor screen flickered trying to find a good enough signal to stream the broadcast clearly. Jumping back and forth until it returned to the live stream where the girl was now being led out onto the field. Her hands were tied behind her back and her head was looking down, facing the ground. Four guards walled her as she made the walk to the small grey cement slab.
‘It is now time. We strongly advise you to tell your children to look away.’
I can’t fully tell, but I think there was a note of remorse in the broadcaster’s voice.
I sit paralysed and continue to watch the grotesque broadcast, loathing myself for doing so. A tall man with slicked back black hair stepped forward. His face cracked with an apologetic grin before he reached down and

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