Monkey Bars Research Paper

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Have you ever thought of what has happened in to your life? What you have experienced? Throughout my life I have thought that I did not have that many experiences, but in reality, I have done many things other kids would not have experienced. I have pulled a calf muscle and at the same time popped a knee. This is just one of the biggest things that I have experienced and will never forget about.

One memory that I still remember was the day I broke my wrist. My family and I were at the park and I happened to be in the monkey bars. There were these two boys that were also there and were showing off their skills. I should have played something else because the monkey bars were kind of old and broken, but no, I went up the monkey bar …show more content…

I honestly do not know what made me lie, but I did it. My mom asked what caused my arm and wrist to hurt, since she was not there to see it. “I was playing in the monkey bars, I lied, when these two teenagers came and pushed me.” My mom was furious and we left to see a doctor. Again, I said the same exact lie and they put me a cast after checking with the x-ray machine. I was ready to go home. That night it was uncomfortable to sleep with the …show more content…

My mom wanted me to stay because I did not look good and she was afraid I will be sent home early. I wanted to go because I did not want to ruin my perfect attendance. I went to school anyway and was shocked by how many people were surprised. I did not want too much drama so, I hid in the girl’s restroom until it was time to go inside the classroom. Everyone was asking me questions about what happened. I made everyone believe that I broke my wrist with the same lie. I thought that just one little lie would not hurt, so that’s what I made myself believed that actually happened. There was this new school newspaper crew at my school and whenever they saw me they will try to ask me questions. They asked for details about what happened and wanted to know who the “teenagers” were. I thought that the newspaper crew were just practicing, since it was their first big event that they were writing and publishing something. The next day everyone knew about my wrist. There was this girl who was jealous because she thought I wanted attention. I told her that I did not want my wrist to be broken and that it just happened. I asked her how she would feel and she then apologized for being such a bad friend. With all of this drama I had to tell someone the truth. I confessed the truth to my best friend because I knew she would not tell and also because she does not have friends. She was shocked, but promised that

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