Monkey In The Mirror Analysis

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I do believe that animals can communicate. Animals have an innate ability to communicate, though not in the same way as humans. I believe that animals ability to communicate and understand what is going on around them is essential for their survival. Because animals do not behave and talk like humans does not mean they cannot express themselves or figure things out. Although we can’t understand what animals are saying, we know they are communicating with each other and the world around them.
According to the article “Monkey In The Mirror” by Ian Tattersall, he states on page 244 in the first paragraph how a dog goes up to its owner and drops a ball it had in its mouth at its owner’s feets. This is followed by an expectant look on the dogs face with the hope of the owner throwing the ball to play. This shows how a dog which is an animal can communicate what he/she desire. One way a cat can communicate with humans is by meowing. When a cat meow it can mean different reasons . When my cat meows at night it’s because she is hungry. In the daytime when my room door is closed, my cat will stay by the door and meow until it's open. …show more content…

The baby monkey is next to “another group member” who food he desires to have. The baby cannot take it himself so he screams as if he is being attacked, in which his mother comes to his rescue by chasing the group member away and from gaining access to the food. By the animal screaming in such a way that his mother will help shows how animals communicate. The monkey knew just how to scream to set off danger “danger alarm to alert his mother. He screamed to get his mother to do the necessary things to obtain his wishes. This shows the level of communicated nonhuman mammal has in order to

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