Monologue Of A Homeless Person

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How are you and the children? We’ve both been so busy that we barely write each other anymore. Maybe if we both get telephones we can talk even though we’re 2,000 kilometers away! I’m glad to hear that you and Robert are enjoying married life and congratulations on your pregnancy! I also have great news, I’m finally pregnant again! It’s been hard on Aaron and I because we love children so much, but it’s been hard to get pregnant. Jack is doing well, grade four has been good to him. He reads to Lillian everyday and he has even started teaching her to sound out words! She will start school next year and she can’t wait. Aaron still loves his job at the bank and I still love teaching at Jack’s elementary school. I hope to keep teaching until right…show more content…
I don’t think that I’ve seen anyone in the city with anything but a smile on their face! But it’s a different story for anyone who hasn’t been making big bucks. Helen and the other women from our support group have told stories about families involved in the natural resources industry. I gather that it isn’t a very stable industry and many people are without jobs and earn little pay. It must be hard to see and hear about all these amazing new things we can buy, but they don’t have the money to buy them. And many people in big cities turn a blind eye to those who are struggling. They only like to see the amazing parts of the 1920s even though there are still lots of problems with our modern…show more content…
I hadn’t realized until your last letter that Nellie was your neighbour. Make sure you tell her that I support her and that she is a great role model for Lillian. The women at our support group talk about women’s rights all the time, it’s very important to many of us. At first, Aaron didn’t see the problem with women not being considered “persons”, but I gave him an earful and now he gets it. What does Robert think? Because I know that some men are upset about men and women potentially become equals.
Speaking of women, flappers have become out of control. Don’t get me wrong, I love that you’re a flapper and are defying what it means to be a women. But, some of the ones in Toronto are insane, they smoke and blow through money like it grows on trees. Make sure you don’t end up like that, dad would have a heart attack. The picture you sent me of you and Robert all dolled up is the cat’s meow. Maybe I should get bob too, but I don’t want to get fired. I would love it if you gave me some fashion advice, I feel like an old
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