Monologue Of A Refugee

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YEAH I am refugee man
How do I make it here?
They don’t even understand
I struggle a lots, just to make things right
Day and night
Trouble always looking for a fight
I don’t care if they ever look down on me
Imma live my life
For as long as I can breathe
Future just keeps going
It will never end
Life is hard but you know you have to take a chance
Learn me learn till I die
Never stop believing
One day your dream will succeed it
Dream is just a destination
Ain’t nothing hard?
You have to be focused
If you really want to be a star
Life keeps going and life goes on
The hater always there
If they have something to hate on
They ask me why, whom I do it for ohh yo
You already know whom I do it for all of you
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