Monopoly on Cheating Analysis

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In “A Monopoly on Cheating” by Robert Lipsyte, Lipsyte discusses how cheating has slowly cemented itself in to society at many levels, and how a simple honest automated tower is revolutionizing the well-known game Monopoly, into where everyone has a fair advantage of winning the game by eliminating the possibility of cheating. Lipsyte takes a satirical whimsical tone while addressing the issue, making the reader think hard about the cheats and their schemes, and their underlying reason why they do what they do, and is what they’re doing possibly, noble. Cheats, as said by Lipsyte, have plastered society at many levels. They can be found in the economic world pumping and dumping stocks for personal benefit, and playfully asks the reader if they would like a “predatory loan”. He goes on to proving his point that cheats are everywhere by pulling examples such as “people who sweet-talk customer service to bend the rules for them”, to simple cheating schemes in well played games such as Go Fish and Monopoly. Lipsyte has a hate for cheats which is made clear to the reader in the first three words of the article; however, in the fourth paragraph he explains his hate for the cheating class by saying that he “fears from getting caught” and almost implies to the reader that he is envious of their ability to mask or suppress their fear of getting caught, unlike himself. Lipsyte says this because he shows how the cheats win in the six and seventh paragraphs by saying how capitalism in

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