Montana State University Essay

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Montana State University
It is located in Bozeman, Montana. About 97 miles outside of Helena; Montana’s capital. With a beautiful landscape of their stunning mountains, I believe that that’s one of their many attractions.
I could not get an accurate number of how many enrollments they were for this year, but through the facts I collected they’re about 13,123-15,294 enrollments of this fall, 2013.
There is a ton of majors to get and a lot in between:
 Agricultural
 Arts & Agricultural
 Business
 Education, Health & Human Development
 Engineering
 Humanities and Social Sciences
 Natural Science & Mathematics
 Nursing
I’ve laid down a list that describes the different areas that one would have to pay to attend for one …show more content…

I could not evaluate completely on all the different areas of this aspect, but I looked very hard and I just could not find it. There’s so many section to just the admittance that looking at all of them and coming up with a conclusion that is reasonable and gives justice to the other things, I could not successfully do. It’s so frustrating because I’ve been searching this for a while (an hour) and still cannot find anything. This also goes with the ratio, students to faculty. I have searched for many days for these two sections and without any luck I could not find anything. To apply for a Merit Scholarship you must fill out an application which contain the following information. You will pick what scholarship you are applying for and since we are talking about merit scholarship, which would probably be the right choice to apply for. Then you would have to fill out general information which included where you are living, your first and last name, etc. Also, your race/ethnic background. In case you didn’t know what that was, it means the color of your skin and/or where your parents are from. You will also need to fill out your SAT/ACT scores and it also includes the section and the scores you received on that section. Another part to fill out; because I know everyone likes to fill out a long paper about themselves, oh and trust me, we are not finished yet. Need to fill out a section on activities and awards. I think that’s one of the things I don’t like about filling

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