Montauk Research Paper

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Out of the 115 coast guardsmen and navy men aboard the USCGC Tampa when it was destroyed, thirty enlisted from Florida. During World War I the U.S.S. Katherine K patrolled the Florida coastline. After the war the ship was sunk by a hurricane with no loss of life. During World War I the U.S.S. Montauk was sunk only 20 miles away from Fernandino, Florida. During World War I the U.S.S. Nemes patrolled the Florida coastline. In August 1917 it was sunk by a fire with no one killed but six burned. During World War I the U.S.S. Schurz sank in June 21, 1918 due to a collision with a merchant ship called Florida. The 1918 annual report to the Secretary of the Navy said that the naval training camp in Key West, Florida could hold up to 1,000 men. The largest American military cemetery in Europe is the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery. 31 of those buried there enlisted from Florida. …show more content…

According to the ABMC, 36 Florida World War I veterans are memorialized at Brookwood American Cemetery and 11 are buried there. On October 3, 1918 the steamship Lake City was sunk due to a collision near Key West,

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