Montessori Wrote About “the Secret of Childhood”. Describe What She Meant by This.

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Montessori wrote about “The Secret of Childhood”. Describe what she meant by this. In one of Dr. Maria Montessori’s book, “The Secret of Childhood” where she continued and further elaborated her work on child development, one of her important findings in her research was “Sensitivity Period” in the child. These are important periods of childhood development. A sensitive period is a period of time when a child passes through special times in his life and spends much of his time to focus on one certain skill or activity. She felt that this was importantly true during the first few years of the physic life, from birth or even before the birth until the brain of the child had completely developed. In her observation, she noticed that the…show more content…
Dr Maria Montessori concluded, therefore, “the tongue, which he uses for speaking and more of his hands, which he employs for work” are more intimately connected with his intelligence than any other parts of body. (Montessori, A Modern Approach, Chapter 1, Page 34). Dr Maria Montessori really emphasized on sensorial activities in her classroom, materials in her classroom are in various textures, sizes, which that some are soft or hard, and that objects have different colours and shades. The child needs to freely explore in his prepared environment so he can differentiate among these qualities. When the child grows older, he is now has more interest in refining his sensory input. A more in depth of exploration into sameness, differences and gradations of same and different objects in his environment is now realizes by him. Through these senses, the child is able to study his environment and through this study, he is then begins to understand his environment and learns from it as well. Dr Maria Montessori here referred the child as a “sensorial explorer”. The child learns through the sensorial materials by given an opportunity to classify the meaning of the material around him which in return leads to the child making his own experiences in his environment. Sooner and later, the child learns to adapt to his environment and now he gains a decision making skill, which is not far from being an independent individual. Once the child is becoming relatively stable in

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