The Importance Of Sensory Experience For Learning : Jean Piaget 's Theory Of Intellectual Development

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I can recall my first experience getting burned, my Mom was baking a cake and she told me the oven was hot. I responded “hot?”,” yes very hot, so be careful near the oven or you can get burned.” Well I waited until she left the kitchen and I reached over and pulled opened the oven door. My face was very close and I could feel the heated air bellow into my personal space, “Whoa that’s what hot is!” I thought to myself. Looking back, this was a firsthand learning experience taught to me by my senses, this scenario perfectly describes the way children learn the senses enhance play, they are natures ultimate teacher. In the document “The Importance of Sensory Experience for Learning: Jean Piaget’s Theory of Intellectual Development” It gives the reader a quick understanding of Piaget’s understanding of children and their important use of senses. It is described as the foundation of learning and this learning style guides infants into adulthood. This learning style takes input and stores those experiences in the brain, whether it be smell, taste, touch or even emotion. The brain uses this information to assimilate, or understand the information it is receiving. As children grow this process becomes acquainted with accommodation, this is the process of forming new pieces of information with old pieces and connecting those to create ideas and thinking patterns, to begin to attribute and label all of what is being received via senses. Once accommodation begins adaptation joins the
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