Monty Python And The Holy Grail

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The film Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a parody of Arthurian stories. It is a film that is not very elaborate on special effects, costumes and such as it even includes invisible horses with coconuts to mimic the sound of the “galloping” horses. All which indicate the low budget set on the production of the film. Although, the quality of the film does not suffer with it’s low budget since this adds uniqueness and more comical pieces to the film. The concepts triggered in the film come from elements of the Arthurian legends. The elements are concepts related to the education, health of the time, code of chivalry, divine rights, Christianity and social division.
The film opens with a scene where King Arthur is discussing with his guard the use of coconuts for the sound of the horses. This leads to an argument of how the coconuts arrived to England since they come from a tropical zone. The guard and King Arthur decide to make up reasons and come to an elaborate yet very confusing answer that in reality does not clear the dilemma. This scene can be related to the education of the medieval times, which was very low and explanations came from sumptuous fabrications. In addition, many of the Arthurian legends have details that are somewhat unfit or unrealistic and portray that believe of what is not possible. One example of this is the battle with the Green Knight whom was decapitated and still continued to live. This can also be connected to the unrealistic scene in the film

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