Moore’s law dictates that approximately every two years, hardware computer processing power and

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Moore’s law dictates that approximately every two years, hardware computer processing power and memory capacity doubles. Through the ordinary lens, this exponential trend might be viewed as a blessing, endlessly increasing the capabilities of technology and science. However, perhaps when examined in a social context, such a trend unveils perverse possibilities. Every two years, the potential for government surveillance increases by an order of magnitude. And although the Bankston-Soltani principle described in Snowden’s TED talk, “Here’s How We Take Back the Internet”, asserts that every time this occurs the public must revisit and rebalance their rights to privacy, it seems as though such discussions have seldom been on the headlines…show more content…
In addition, the article also describes the profiling system of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection which assigns a terrorist risk-assessment score to all citizens entering or leaving America. However, although individuals can never discover their score, it may hinder their ability to obtain a visa, student grant, or state job. Such are disconcerting examples of bureaucratic influence unethically hindering individuals’ function in theoretically democratic countries. These exemplify that individuals’ rarely contemplate the possibly malignant nature of such activities if they exist in ‘democratic’ countries but immediately criticize similar activities, such as Chinese residency cards, in countries more authoritarian in shape or form.
Although the mere presence of security cameras and profiling systems is hardly considered distressing to most, more malevolent creatures assuredly lie underneath the superficial surface. The PRISM program, launched by the National Security Agency and leaked by NSA contractor Edward Snowden, is such a creature. According to the Washington Post article “NSA Slides Explain the PRISM Data-Collection Program”, it is a clandestine mass surveillance program that essentially deputizes server-providing corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google among many others, to amass data for data mining purposes. Furthermore, the packets of data garnered
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