Moral Code And Standards For Improving Individual Behavior

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I grew up without a mother and father and did not have moral principles instilled in me to help develop my moral code and standards for maximizing my utility in life. For example, some children are taught to show respect to parents, teachers, and elders. Respecting parents, teachers, elders, and other people within society can help to enhance relationships. The better the relationship, the better coexistence between people. Good moral principles allows a person to make the right decisions and improve their interactions with other people. These principles can help in improving individual behavior, inspiring respect, and enriching relationships of others.
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This appears to make perfect sense for most, but the Marines stress the “75% solution” to help rapidly make decisions. In other words, you are to do your best to gather as much information as you can until you have approximately seventy-five percent of the data and facts. Then, use your knowledge, skill, and perception to fill in the remaining twenty-five percent. The Marines view is that it is always better to make a decision and execute aggressively with partial information, than it is to wait and make a “perfect” decision that may be too late and lead to undesirable results. You are taught to rapidly estimate a situation and make a solid decision based on that estimation. There is no room for reluctance to make a decision. If there is reluctance, then you revise it. The rapid decision-making process has taught me to not be afraid to make a decision and learn from my mistakes and to respect the leader who corrects mistakes immediately and owns up to it.
The second principle that I acquired from the Marines was the spirit of determination and commitment. In the Marines, you will endure and sacrifice for your fellow Marine. It certainly was not fun to work your butt off to only pay for someone else’s mistake. It is easy to complain, but instead, you go help the weaker Marine in your unit and teach them how to become faster and grow stronger. Marines that complain are thinking about themselves and their own welfare. As a Marine, you are

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