Moral Dilemmas

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Moral Dilemmas Moral Dilemmas Introduction Moral dilemmas are situations, which cause conflicts, and the decision made, can breach one or another principle or claim. The action taken by the subject can be something wrong or something undermining another option. Dilemmas cause conflicts where the subject has to settle on the appropriate action to be followed for certain options available; hence unable to decide the course of action to pursue. They are moral dilemmas because they conflict with ethics, beliefs and sometimes the law; and also because of how we judge them whether they are right or wrong. Ethics are used as guidelines in situations of moral dilemma to suggest what is wrong and right. Moral dilemmas have competing rights including justice, freedom and different legal rights. The right versus right model can be used because, it presents genuine dilemmas from both sides; these dilemmas are rooted to core values. Right versus right provides dilemmas which are ethical compared to right versus wrong. It also gives a number of options to choose from in making a decision. These choices include different models; truth versus loyalty, justice versus mercy, short term versus long term considerations and comparing the needs of an individual versus community or organization. This model has the advantage of abiding in the law and while abiding in duty. This model recognizes the welfare of others because it works in mutuality concern of social relations. Diverse

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