Moral Identity Form And Psychotherapy

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Moral Identity Form & Psychotherapy
Sameh Abdelmalak
Azusa Pacific University It is not easy for me as a therapist to separate my subjective experiences and developmental history from the ability to hear the client and the client’s narrative, especially as it cancers the moral landscape of the client. Because I believe the assessment is a "two way street" that influenced by client and therapist variables, I started to analyze my values and beliefs, and how far my stereotypes come from my attitudes towards the client. The values, beliefs and stereotypes come from my developmental history, background and my culture identity. I also believe if I get influenced by these factors I can have common mistakes errors in diagnosis like …show more content…

These people who came from other cultures and background may be I will be needed help to be able to work with them. At the same time because I know the individual differences and the personal individual needs and individual thoughts, I need to try to see the level of the clients ‘conflict and their problem through their perspective.
In regard to relationships, I have two kinds of relationships; one is related to the church and family community and the other is related to communities like school, neighbors, and work. These relationships related more to the Muslims who are different from us, and therefore treat Christians with intolerance. This has influenced my values by giving closer attention to my own core values and how what I believe could affect my therapeutic relationship with my clients. I need to not reflect my own values on the client’s conflict, and not assume I know their background factors. The last factor is to observe closely my count transference with the clients.
My culture is Egyptian Christian Arabian culture, which refers to the extended family, values of working hard, honesty, respect old people and serve them, the importance of the Christian faith and how to behave in a Christian way. The main three values I learned growing up were the importance of living with the Christian faith and how to reflect Jesus’ light in our life. The second one is the importance of

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