Moralism In The Picture Of Dorian Gray

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Oscar Wilde is an esteemed writer and his only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, is a dark novel that paints the deathly consequences that resulted from choosing between right and wrong. In the novel, Dorian Gray, who is the protagonist, wished to remain young forever. This wish came true as he sold his soul to a painting and the painting grew older instead of himself. This allowed Dorian to preserve his youth forever. Many people have regarded Wilde’s novel as an immoral book and have lashed out criticism for the moral horrors in the novel (Buzwell). However, Wilde argued that the book is too moral as it shared the truth of being a human being. Despite being written many years ago, this novel is still relevant today and carries the important …show more content…

He shows this through the destruction of Dorian Gray that resulted from his unhealthy relationship with Lord Henry and Basil Hallward, the unlawful influence of art, and Dorian’s crippling paranoia. Oscar Wilde showed the destruction caused by relationships through Lord Henry’s twisted teachings and the portrait done by Basil Hallward that corrupted Dorian and drove him to insanity. The power that art has over an individual’s morality was illustrated through the influence of Lord Henry’s yellow book and Dorian Gray’s evergreen painting. Dorian Gray’s increasing paranoia was a result of his immoral actions that eventually led to his own death. Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray displays the self destruction that comes as a result of …show more content…

Oscar Wilde uses the twisted relationship shared between Dorian Gray with Lord Henry and Basil Hallward to show the potential corruption that results from unethical support in relationships. The yellow book and the portrait painting was used to show the power of influence that art has on an individual’s desires and decisions. The secrets of the painting and the murder of Basil Hallward, that resulted from Dorian’s hunger for youth and beauty, slowly destroyed Dorian Gray and drove him to suicide. Through the usage of friendship, art and paranoia, Oscar Wilde displays the relation between the craving for eternal youth and the destruction of an individual. Through this novel, it can be learnt that sins are a part of humanity that cannot be erased but the choice of doing the good or evil can save an individual from the corruption of the

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