Morality In America

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Moralities What would you do if you had a way to save the world, but in the process you destroyed the world? The year is 2120 and I don’t know what to do. *** It all began in the year 2020. The obesity rates in America had skyrocketed and the health care costs were crushing the economy. The government did not know what to do. Eventually, someone came up with the idea to consult the company Smiling God. They were the leading industry in diet food. Still, even they had not come up with a way to guarantee weight loss. People still had to exercise and moderate what they ate, but, as always, America was lazy. Eventually, in 2022, Smiling God found the solution. They finally found a food that guaranteed weight loss, no matter what you …show more content…

Maybe it’s drugged. There was no way anything could build a wall that quickly. Could there be sedatives in their food. No, their benevolent Smiling God would never do that to them. *** “What the hell, Damien! Why would you do that!” I shouted, as my ears finally stopped ringing. “What do you mean, Ace? Come one, you have to learn to live a little. Loosen up. Have some fun every now and then,” cooed Damien, sprawling his body over my lap. “Mixing sodium and water together and almost blowing up a multi-million dollar lab is not my idea of ‘fun’,” I said. “And get off of me, you git. I do not want to get an infraction. We are supposed to be doing serious work. We have to-” “Blah blah blah. I know. We are working in the legendary labs of Smiling God. We are very lucky to work at such a prestigious place. We have to do our best. Right now could make or break our future. We do not want to anger the almighty ‘Smiling God’,” Damien drawled, cutting me off, flapping his hand in the air. Sometimes I really hated how carefree and lax he was. Other times, I really liked it. Not like we would ever be together. All spouses are assigned for the greatest efficiency and compatibility. That was just the way things were. Smiling God knew

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