Morality Of Abortion 's Argument

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Morality of Abortion Counter-Argument
Kyle Pedigo
PHI 103: Informal Logic
Micheal Pelt
August 29, 2015 Morality of Abortion This paper is written to present a counter argument. This is a counter argument to a debate that has been around for a very long time and likely will not go away any time soon. The topic I will be covering is: Does the stage of pregnancy affect the morality of abortion? In my opinion I have to say no. But, my opinion is not the subject of this paper. My original argument is based on this: The thought of killing an embryo or fetus in my opinion is no different than killing a newborn child as soon as they enter this world. This argument is presented in standard form below:
1. All human embryos/fetuses are living creatures at conception.
2. The difference of adults and babies in the womb are a difference of age, not a difference of species. Our laws do not justify murder of adults by its citizens for any reason other than justified self defense.
3. Abortion is by definition murder.
Conclusion: A pregnant woman carries a living human in her womb regardless of the stage of pregnancy; therefore an abortion would be murder.
My counter argument, as presented in standard form, follows below:
1. 88% of abortions are obtained prior to the 13th week of gestation and the National Abortion Federation reports that 97% of these cases report no complications.
2. A pregnancy and the outcome of such should be left up to the woman whose body is involved.

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