More Business Of Being Born

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This film, “More Business of Being Born, Episode 3: Explore your Options: Doulas, Birth Centers, and C-Sections,” was a spinoff of a movie that was made. This documentary goes further in depth than the movie and allows women to acquire an enhanced understanding of child birth. There are numerous women throughout this episode sharing their real life experiences. Ricki Lake, the executive producer, stated, “We are not experts because we are not doctors or midwives even. We are not telling people what to do, we are simply showing.” That is exactly what they ensure during this film. More Business of Being Born was created to show women their various options of birth. They go in depth and compel a woman consider exploring those different alternatives. The central points hit during this film were Doulas vs. Midwives, Hospital Birthing Centers vs. Hospitals and Cesarean Sections vs. Natural Births. I learned a great deal of new information that I hope I can benefit from later in life. One of the details I learned regarding a doula is in Greek doula is defined as a servant. In this context that is a close representation except these Doulas are there for support. They are not a midwife, they are not medically trained; they are simply being there to make your labor and birthing experience better. These women are trained in labor support. This involves messages, being a cheerleader, providing information to the couple and being and advocate for them as well. They believe it is
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