More Distracted Than Ever

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More Distracted Than Ever: Acceptable or Unacceptable
Technology is inducing a snowball effect on everyone's lives, and although it might be outstanding, it also comes with complications towards the subject. A majority of students deal with it well, however, others have a larger altercation with this development. This is primarily on account of students believing they can benefit from digital devices without being distracted or assume it is a choice. Likewise, having no consideration as to the effects it may cause. The idea of having new technology at our fingertips is exhilarating, however, is it absolutely necessary?
The staggering increase of new uses of digital devices creates distractions which prevent students understanding the subjects along with grasping the concepts. Through the years, everyone, most young adults have been kept from everyday responsibilities, even when not realizing it technology being the cause of it. Recently, a study published in the Journal of Media Education reported that students spend a fifth of their time in class with no association to school work. The main reason for continuing their digital habits : “To stay connected” and “Fight boredom”. Although without these new resources we would all be stuck in the
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Technology being this “great help” comes with its price, may be the users’ mental health. Besides affecting users mental health, the use of technology can also affect physical health, causing Hearing loss, neck strain, and common vision problems. Although this may all be unacceptable the new advancements have made health better in ways occasionally cannot be explained. Organ transplants, cancer treatments have all been medical advancements that cause a difference and help each
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