Morgan Barthley Research Paper

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People from all around the world are sharing their weight loss success stories on different social networks. One of the most useful app for finding these people is Instagram which was a key app for Morgan Bartley to share her incredible weight loss success story. Unlike other people who lost 5-10 pounds, Bartley has just lost 115 pounds which is really a big deal considering her appearance from the very first beginning. “As I can remember, I was overweight as young,” Bartley said. Her weight gain journey began from the very unpleasant incident when she came across to an ovarian torsion at the age of 12, she had to lose an ovary after that which caused her gain some pounds. In order to untwist the other ovary the 14 years old girl undergone another surgery after which she began to experience menopause symptoms and her weight went from thick to obese. When the reports came the doctors told him …show more content…

Stop dwelling in last time, stop waiting for next time. Make the change and get what you want THIS TIME I am SO pumped to kick some ass in #TeamLosingDietBet This will be our 3rd one and I kid you not, these are what have kept me the most accountable on my journey! Time to break through this plateau and keep moving forward.. if you want to join #TeamLosing in losing some lbs and gaining some cash. She admitted that posting her pictures on social networks increases her courage to keep the weight off. Her hard works and full dedication is finally paid off. Her physical transformation is something because of which she now works at a fitness studio. Bartlet is also studying business because she wishes to open a company in order to help other people to lose weight. Now that’s a classy motto! On an interview with Peoples, Bartley said “I want to help people so they can change their lives, may be this is what I am supposed to do with my

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