Morgan Town Narrative

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On July 14, 2016 I was sitting in my car with my parents on the long three hour fifty minute drive to Morgantown. I was nervous and excited for the experience I was about to have. Would I fit in? Would I make any friends? But I wouldn’t find out until I got there and met the other chosen attendees. And as we slowly made our way down the road I drifted off to sleep. When I awoke my mother informed me that we were almost there and after a few minutes we had arrived in the parking lot. We exited the car and unloaded the contents of the trunk into the provided red cart before treading toward the dorm building. As we passed through the front doors we signed in to my room at the front desk before taking the elevator to the third floor of the …show more content…

Then as I sat on the bed, my roommate walked through the door. She had blonde-brown hair that curled in a way that it would knot itself together throughout the day. Her blue eyes stood out beautifully against her tanned skin. She looked to be slightly above the average height for a girl our age and she seemed of average weight as well. She quickly unloaded her clothing into her closet without speaking a word to anyone before departing to buy a new dress for the banquet that would be held after the school had …show more content…

As we waited, we saw the other groups testing their projects for Bill. Each group went by quickly until at last our group was called. We walked up to the front and told Bill the name of our project and he wrote it on the blackboard behind him. Then we gave the books to Nevin and he slowly stacked them on our structure. Soon the books were all on the paper and were being held with no sign of giving out anytime soon. After a few minutes had passed Bill put a checkmark by our name and told us to go back to our seats. We went back to the row we had been sitting in and watched as the last group tested their project. It collapsed under the weight of the books and they were crossed off of the

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