Morrison's Identity In William Morrison, Pecola, By Toni Morrison

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1. At the beginning of the novel, When the words are connected it shows perplexity and worry which is really what happens to the Breedlove’s. I think Morrison shows in her writing that also happens to Pecola as she struggles for acceptance and Identity. Contrast is also one of the things Morrison’s powerful English show throughout the text. There is definitely a confusion between the community because it loves and hates at the same time. Also, it is illustrated in the book that black families are the only ones with the struggles and problems when compared with the white family.
2. Claudia’s understanding of how the world could be dark was very little, due to the fact that she was too young. So, her point of view is very insightful. Throughout the Novel Pecola is maltreated no matter the circumstances, especially when she needed attention and support. Morrison shows in many ways that Pocola’s Environment is hostile to her. To begin with her parents negatively perceived themselves, and it had a huge effect on Pecola and why she perceived herself as being ugly. Also in the School, she was treated badly by the kids around her. Her parents did not love their identity and took this out on their daughter. In addition to the hatred that she received from her parents, she also received cruel treatment from schoolboys of the same race, not to mention she was raped by her own father. So, I think it was important to have Claudia as the narrator, because she grasped on the fact that her

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