Mortality And Darkness In British Modernism

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Mortality and Darkness Within British Literature British modernism, the period that begins around 1880 and extends to around 1945, breaks from conservative forms of literature and delve deeper into modern forms. Mortality, colonization, darkness, and seclusion are a few of some circumstances that create tenants such as man’s dark heart, inherent selfishness and corruption of man. Encountering unpleasant scenes, being capable of destruction, and adapting unfitting behavior can lead to character flaw. Occurrences like these can result in undesired character or outlook change. Values that a person once thought would linger forever will collapse along with innocence. In British modernism writings, loss of innocence is depicted through the …show more content…

“Death is treated casually and has become commonplace, and routine” for Marlow (Paris). When Marlow is on his way to see Kurtz, the natives begin to surround his steamer, they eventually start to fire arrows at his boat. The helmsman who steers the steamer, stops steering and commences to fire a gun at the natives. A spear, then pierces the helmsman in his side and falls at Marlow’s feel. His blood leaks on Marlow’s shoes and socks, Marlow at this point is so nonchalant when it comes to mortality that he just throws the helmsman 's body overboard and moves on. “As a result of his experiences so far, Marlow feels himself undergoing an internal transformation (Paris).” The once innocent Marlow has lost his innocence in an unwanted way, he started this voyage by having good morals but ends up going against all of them. In Greene’s “Destructors”, Trevor, also known as T, is part of a gang known as the Wormsley Common. They all take a particular interest in Mr. Thomas. He is an old man who owns a very charming house compared to the others surrounding it and that seems to trigger the gang. His home is built by a famous British architect and it appears to be his prized possession. Thomas has everything Trevor loses because of the bombings of WWII. Thomas’s home is still standing, while Trevor lost his home and consequently began committing acts of destruction to himself and subsequently to others. Trevor, accompanied by the rest of the gang, starts with small

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